Wavelength Foundation

Change Maker Scheme


Wavelength Foundation seeks to enable and to inspire.

Climate change is a central issue of our time. We are only years from reaching a tipping point: the moment when the fallout from global warming will become irreversible. While the 2015 Paris Agreement is under threat politically, the world is already experiencing extreme weather, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, drought, floods and the devastating consequences of these phenomena for human and animal life. Every step in the wrong direction comes with further worrying effects on wildlife, crops, and water availability, as well as leading to more poverty, displacement and war.

Wavelength Foundation is a platform that helps the arts become an important ambassador for the environment, making a lasting impact in the fight against climate change. 

It is not just a battle against time. Apathy and passivity on the part of governments and the general public are no lesser challenges. In the face of this crisis, arts and culture are some of our most powerful tools for sharing ideas, shaking up old habits and motivating us to unite behind a common cause. Wavelength Foundation is dedicated to supporting, producing and funding projects in arts and culture that engage with the reality of climate change and help inspire more people to take action. 

Wavelength Change Maker Scheme

Wavelength Foundation’s Change Maker Scheme awards annual project grants to grow and support the next generation of environmentally-focused cultural leaders, with a strong focus on four groups of activity:

01 Cultural and artistic projects that directly influence politics and politicians to improve decision-making with regards to the environment and climate change; 

02 Community and local activism that implements lasting initiatives and improves levels of awareness and engagement; 

03 Investigative projects, both journalistic and academic; 

04 Environmental projects by artists and cultural practitioners under the age of 21.