Wavelength Foundation

Environmental thinking in contemporary culture



Wavelength Foundation's mission is to embed and to advance environmental thinking and climate change awareness in contemporary culture. We like to read culture with a wide scope, catching the arts, music, literature, politics, business and science alike, and the many areas that interconnect all of them.  

We take contemporary culture as one of the most important drivers of a change of mind and habits in society. The foundation sets out to infuse today’s and future’s artists, cultural practitioners, thinkers and institutions with environmental awareness and to enable, stipulate, guide and fund projects that lead the way ahead. 

Wavelength Foundation wants to ensure that present as well as next generation's artists, writers, journalists, musicians – today's and tomorrow's influencers of culture – have their minds firmly set on what it takes to steer into a more sustainable future. 


“Inspiration comes from an experience and a journey to the unknown”